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Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal smoking is for those BBQ cooks who like to play with fire. Get fired up and shop from our wide variety of USA-made charcoal smokers: Offset, cabinet, drum, grill-smoker combos, we’ve got them all. Big Poppa Smokers is here to help you choose the right charcoal cooker for all of your BBQ needs. Choose from a variety of top-rated brands like Humphreys BBQ Smokers, Backwoods Smoker, and many more!

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  • Backwoods Smoker Piglet Plus
    Backwoods Smoker Piglet Plus

    The Piglet Plus is a larger version of the original Piglet. The Piglet Plus is 6'' deeper for more cooking space, now you can fit a bigger hog! This is the smoker you need if you compete, cater or have large parties. This Piggy will handle all of your smoking needs.

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  • Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer
    Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer

    The TS120 is fully loaded to get on the road. Simply mount your TS120 Trailer to your vehicle and you'll be able to get smokin' anywhere your BBQ heart desires. Loaded with many other features, the TS120 trailer is a keeper.

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  • Ole Hickory Ace MM


    Special Price $4,400.00

    Ole Hickory Ace MM

    The easiest charcoal smoker you'll ever use is here, The ACE MM. Almost effortlessly smoke up juicy and tender meats, so easy it's like you're cheating.

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  • Backwoods Smoker Piglet
    Backwoods Smoker Piglet

    The Piglet is a 2-in-1 competition smoker. The Piglet was born out of competitors needs to cook whole pork shoulders, and small hogs, now you have the Piglet which has DOUBLE the capacity of the Party. The power of this smoker will make fellow competitors envy you. Make double the BBQ, with double the space with the Piglet.

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  • Backwoods Smoker G2 Competitor
    Backwoods Smoker G2 Competitor

    The G2 Competitor is fully loaded to handle any competition. This backwoods smoker is the second generation of the Competitor and comes with even MORE SMOKING SPACE. This is the BBQ smoker you need if you're cooking for many judges, catering, or just hosting big BBQ events. - Invest in a lifetime BBQ companion, the G2 Competitor Smoker.

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  • Humphrey's BBQ Smokers Qube'd Beast
    Humphrey's BBQ Smokers Qube'd Beast

    The Qube'd Beast is the brother of the DownEast Beast. The difference is that it's wider giving you extra space cooking space. No more waiting around to put more meat in, this smoker will cook plenty of meat at a time. From 10 colors to choose from a Humphrey's Smoker is the way to go when you're looking for a durable, customized smoker.

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  • Ole Hickory Ace BP Charcoal Smoker


    Special Price $3,700.00

    Ole Hickory Ace BP Charcoal Smoker

    Big Poppa Smokers and Ole Hickory pits have teamed up to design the ultimate charcoal smoker, the Ace-BP! Featuring a unique thermostat controlled cooking method, the Ace-BP will be an indispensible smoker for vets and newcomers. Get yours before anyone else and you'll be the talk of town. 

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  • Backwoods Smoker Competitor
    Backwoods Smoker Competitor

    If you're a BBQ competitor the Backwoods Competitor smoker is a must have. It's in no doubt the ultimate BBQ smoker for competitions. It's even in the name. This BBQ smoker was built to compete. It's reliable, durable, portable, and will bring you blue ribbon results. It's fully equipped to help you take the stage.

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Items 1 to 8 of 40 total

Charcoal Smokers

About Charcoal Smokers

Turn up the heat with Big Poppa Smokers selection of the best charcoal smokers and grills all-around

Big Poppa Smokers offers the best selection of competition and backyard BBQ charcoal smokers for any BBQ cook from BBQ beginners to BBQ professionals - Featuring top USA-made BBQ brands like Meadow Creek, Gateway, Backwoods and many others the durability and quality of the featured charcoal smokers won’t compare to any store bought charcoal smokers and grills.

You’ll find a variety of charcoal smoker and grill designs at Big Poppa Smokers - Offset charcoal smokers, cabinet charcoal smokers, barrel charcoal smokers ranging from small portable sizes to large catering sizes. Many of the featured charcoal smokers and grills such as the Humphrey’s BBQ Smokers models can be customized to match your smoking needs. Customization options may include colors and additional BBQ accessories on select charcoal smoker models. Our selection of top-rated charcoal smokers and grills range in price based on size and customization but many charcoal smokers stay within the range of a backyard budget.

Big Poppa has selected only the best charcoal smokers and grills in the BBQ circuit to be included in our selection of charcoal smokers/ grills to ensure top BBQ results regardless of your BBQ experience. Whether if you’re looking for a charcoal smoker for tailgates, backyard BBQ, competition BBQ, or catering, you’ll find that any of the featured charcoal cookers in our selection will deliver top quality BBQ results. Shop Big Poppa Smokers online BBQ store for the best selection of charcoal smokers and grills.

Top Picks
Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit

Turn out top competition quality results for under two bills!

Big Poppa Smokers DIY Drum Smoker Kit is durable, versatile and best of all affordable. This DIY Drum Smoker kit comes with all the instructions and parts necessary to build a championship quality BBQ drum smoker. The BPS Drum Smoker is charcoal fueled and gives you the versatility to grill, smoke and sear like a BBQ professional without spending a fortune.

The BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit is excellent for both competition and backyard BBQ and it’s fully customizable so you can build it to suit your smoking and grilling needs. Show everyone your craftsmanship skills and build your own competition quality drum smoking machine at an affordable price.

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Meadow Creek BBQ42 Charcoal Grill + Chicken Flipper

The ultimate chicken cooker and a best seller.

Meadow Creek BBQ42 Charcoal Grill and Chicken Flipper may be the ultimate chicken cooker out in the BBQ market making it Meadow Creek’s best selling BBQ grill. This Meadow Creek Charcoal grill makes flipping chicken easier than any other grill with it’s innovative design.

It’s a versatile BBQ grill that turns out excellent chicken results but isn’t limited to just chicken, cook up any type of BBQ meat on the BBQ42 - steaks, hot dogs, burgers, and so much more in half the time! This Meadow Creek BBQ Grill is durable, versatile, and turns out top-quality BBQ results every time.

Get yourself a heavy-duty charcoal grill that will deliver delicious BBQ results for years.

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Ole Hickory Ace BP Charcoal Smoker

A high-quality charcoal smoker co-designed by Big Poppa himself.

Ole Hickory Ace BP may be the most indispensable BBQ charcoal smoker out in the BBQ market with it’s high-quality design and ability to turn out competition quality BBQ. This charcoal BBQ smoker has unique features that set it apart from any other smoker manufacturers such as it's fuel efficiency, consistency and durability.

This charcoal smoker is used by the BPS BBQ team for competitions - it's dependable and delivers amazing BBQ results making it the perfect competition charcoal smoker, but it's not limited to competition, it's great for backyard BBQ and catering.

You’ll never need to buy another charcoal smoker with this heavy-duty BBQ smoker by your side.

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M1 Charcoal Grill & Wood Smoker

Possibly the best charcoal grill and wood smoker the BBQ market has to offer.

MGrills M1 Charcoal Grill and Wood Smoker is a versatile charcoal/wood grill and smoker that delivers exceptional BBQ results unlike any other BBQ grill.

This 2 in 1 BBQ grill is perfectly described as “fantastic, versatile, and badass.” It features a traditional, yet modern design that will add style to your back porch or patio. This grilling and smoking machine offers unparalleled versatility and high quality construction turning out only the best BBQ results possible.

Smoke, grill and sear with a heavy-duty, USA made, M1 Charcoal Grill and Wood Smoker.

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Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit

I've built two UDS smokers using this kit over the past few years. This kit is a great way to get into drum smoking and anyone can put one together. The pieces are well made and look great. You can't go wrong buying this kit!

- Chili Head

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Humphrey's BBQ Smokers Battle Box

My conclusion is this cooker is built to last several lifetimes with minimal common sense maintenance things like cleaning her to prevent grease fires that will potentially warp her. I am now a big fan of this cooker and she gets the Genie’s Glowing Thump of Approval!

- Steph Franklin

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Ole Hickory Ace BP Charcoal Smoker

...Ive never been happier, my friends and followers have never been happier. I'm putting out my best bbq right now! Pair this smoker up with BPS rubs and youll be king of the smoker!

- WareBearBBQ

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MGrill M1 Charcoal Grill & Wood Smoker

... If you’re on the fence with buying an off-set smoker I’d recommend you look into getting the M1 since there aren’t any trade offs. Overall I love this thing and I’m having a blast using it. I bought the M1 instead of buying a Weber Charcoal Summit grill, and I definitely do not regret my decision...

- Tom K.

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