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Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer

Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer

Please note: This unit is shown with BBQ26 addition and optional trim package -- retail price does not reflect these additional upgrades. 

This Meadow Creek offset smoker is fully loaded with everything you need to take your BBQ smoking passion on the road. The TS120 trailer features all the same great specs of the TS120P, the difference is that it’s ready to be mounted onto your vehicle and get going.

Apart from the trailer, the TS120 features other standard specs you won’t find with other BBQ manufacturers such as a 3 rack warming box to keep side dishes and food warm, a slide-out ash pan for an easy clean up, and being expertly handcrafted in the USA by Meadow Creek’s expert welders.

The TS120 trailer will smoke or grill your food to perfection with it’s innovative reverse flow smoking system. The reverse air flow allows for the smoke to circulate your meat and evenly cook it with no need to flip it. This form of smoking keeps the temperature in the smoking chamber consistent and the fire burning for a long time for true low and slow cooking. You’re BBQ results will be juicier and more tender than ever before.

If you’re a BBQ cook who’s always on the go, a BBQ competitor, and even a backyard BBQ cook who loves to share, then this is the BBQ offset smoker for you. It’s been built in the USA to last a lifetime, produces competition worthy BBQ, and is almost effortless to use. The TS120 trailer offset smoker is a BBQ smoker you can count on for years!

Please note: The standard fire box included with this smoker will adventually need a paint touch up, especially if used at high temperartures. We recommend upgrading to an insulated fire box to avoid having to touch up paint. 

Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel slide out grates
  • Built in water pan
  • Removable Ash pan
  • Positive lock latches
  • Built in water pan
  • Ball valve drain
  • Stay Cool Handles
  • 2 work shelves 
  • Wood box
  • Charcoal grate in fire box
  • Warming box with 3 shelves 
  • 13" Highway wheels
  • Heavy duty wheel jack
  • 2" Ball hitch
  • Safety chains
  • Heavy duty axle
  • E.Z. lube bearing
  • Trailer lights (4 prong flat)
  • 4.5 oz can of touch-up paint

Overall Dimensions72" H x 150" L x 57" W
Top Grate Dimensions: 20" x 41.75"
Bottom Grate Dimensions: 22" x 41.75"
Warming Box Grate: 11.5" x 17.5"
Warmer Box Temp: The Warmer Box is normally 100 degrees cooler than you cooking chamber, however, if you have a fire going for long enough and you don’t let the warmer box “breath”(open the door a few times) it will end up reaching the same temperature as the cooker.
Weight: 1275 lbs.

Shipping Weight With Skid:  Approx. 1,425 lbs.

Meat Capacity: Fits a 100lb. whole pig, 30-31 whole chickens, 13-14 whole briskets, 12-14 racks of spare ribs, 15-18 racks of baby back ribs, and 21-22 pork butts.
Suitable model for feeding 250 people. 


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