Meadow Creek SQ36 Offset BBQ Smoker

Don't spend a bucket of money on an expensive offset smoker; Meadow Creek's SQ36 is half the price and will deliver great quality results for a long, long time. The SQ36 was built as a heavy-duty smoking machine that can withstand constant use and at this mind-blowing low price, you'll never find another smoker that delivers the same great results.
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Get yourself a quality offset BBQ smoker for half the price with Meadow Creek’s SQ36. This heavy-duty offset smoker has been hand-crafted piece by piece in the USA to become an effective smoking machine. The SQ36 offset smoker is the best choice for those who don’t want to spend a whole bunch on a reverse air-flow smoker but still want quality, competition-worthy results.

With the SQ36 you aren’t just getting a heavy-duty offset smoker, you’re also getting the opportunity to become a BBQ smoking master! The SQ36 is so easy to use, anyone can easily enhance their skills after just one cook. Have everyone begging for seconds after one taste of your tender, juicy meat when using the SQ36.

The SQ36 is fully loaded with an offset firebox on the right side, which allows you to control your temperatures in the smoker even when the fire is hot, a flat top that you can use to warm up sauces or side dishes, a chimney located at the base of the cooker on the left, a smart duct system with holes that help distribute smoke all around your smoking chamber to spread smoke evenly to deliver effortless BBQ results. 

The SQ36 offset smoker is great for BBQ cooks everywhere, from beginners to pros, everyone can get quality results in their backyard.

Pro-tip: We recommend adding in the Charcoal Pan Insert as an upgrade, it will turn this offset BBQ smoker into a charcoal BBQ grill. 

Please note: The standard firebox included with this smoker will eventually need a paint touch up, especially if used at high temperatures. We recommend upgrading to an insulated firebox to avoid having to touch up paint. 

For smoking: We recommend using nonpetroleum based starters. Residue in the smoke from these starters can contaminate the cooking box with the potential to affect the flavor of the meat. The use of a torch or paper and kindling is most effective. Use approximately 15-20 lbs. of charcoal in the BBQ firebox to get started. Once the meat is placed in the smoker, you can add wood and or charcoal in the firebox for smoking. You can continue to use wood or charcoal (your choice). Add wood or charcoal as needed to maintain the temperature where you want it.
For Grilling: Purchase the charcoal pan insert as an upgrade. Then place your charcoal pan in the smoker, below stainless steel grate, and put in your desired amount of charcoal for grilling. The charcoal pan insert holds 15 lbs of bbq charcoal. 

Stainless steel grates

Slide-out ash pan

Stay cool handles on slide vents

Drain hole on the smoking chamber


Charcoal Grate in Fire Box

Ball valve Drain

4.5 oz can of touch-up paint

SKU: 1609MOC

Overall Dimensions: 61.5" L x 29" W x 56.5" H

Grate Dimensions: 14.5" x 35"

2nd Tier Grate Dimensions: 13" x 34"

Net Weight: 310 lbs 

Shipping Weight: 350 lbs

Metal Thickness on Smoker: 13 gauge. 

Meat Capacity (standard): Fits a 30-40lb whole pig, 2-3 racks of spare ribs, 10-12 chicken halves, 2 whole briskets, or 5-6 pork butts. 

Meat Capacity w/ 2nd Tier Grate: 4-5 racks of spare ribs, 15-20 chicken halves, 4 whole briskets, or 10 pork butts. 

Suitable for feeding 50-75 people. 

View the Spec Sheet HERE

View the Owners Manual HERE

Lift Gate Delivery (recommended): $810.00

Standard Delivery: $735.00

This item currently has 4 - 8 weeks lead time, and is custom built when you order. This ensures you are receiving the newest model fresh off the factory floor.

Lift Gate Delivery: Your smoker will be delivered and removed from the truck using a lift gate. This is a requirement for residential delivery or deliveries that do not have a forklift or freight loading dock. Once your smoker is removed from the truck, it is your responsibility to move it to your desired location. 

Standard Delivery: You are responsible for removing your smoker from the freight truck. This is ideal for commercial deliveries that have a forklift or a freight loading dock. If you choose to remove your smoker from the truck, Big Poppa Smokers will not be held liable for any damages that may occur. 

Shipping fee includes a $125 surcharge for crating fee, this fee is required by the manufacturer
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