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GrillGrate Anodized GrillGrate Kit

GrillGrate Anodized GrillGrate Kit

Create a whole new cooking surface on any grill: Gas, charcoal, pellet, any grill with GrillGrate's Anodized GrillGrate Kit. 

The GrillGrate Kit features a GrillGrate and the GrateTool; Together making BBQ grilling easy and convenient for you.

The GrillGrate has a raised rail design grate which provides beautiful steakhouse searing on your meats and prevents annoying flare-ups resulting in irresistibly juicy meats. The design at the bottom of the Grillgrate blocks out most of the direct flames and drains unwanted fats with it's featured fat-draining holes. When grilling with GrillGrates you can cook a wide selection of foods without the foil such as vegetables, fish, pizza, fruits. lean meats, and so much more! Your food will never fall through the grates again when using the GrillGrates. 

The GrateTool makes handling and serving grilled BBQ food easier than with any other BBQ tool. The GrateTool has been designed to reach below the raised rails of the GrillGrate to turn and lift delicate foods such as fish, or veggies.

The GrillGrate and GrateTool are the perfect pair and make an excellent gift for any BBQ fanatic. 

Note: The GrillGrate can reach temperatures up to 1200F. 

Clean-up: The GrillGrates hard-anodized surface can be cleaned with a wire brush, easily with no struggle.

This product is 13.75" long x 10.5" Wide.

Please note: MAK Grills does not recommend the use of GrillGrates brand with MAK Grill models. Airflow may be restricted and can lead to issues with your MAK grill.


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