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GrillGrate Anodized GrillGrate Kit

GrillGrate Anodized GrillGrate Kit

GrillGrates are made of Hard Anodized aircraft grade aluminum that will last a lifetime. Two interlocking GrillGrate panels and the GrateTool are packaged as a grilling gift kit that works with any grill; gas or charcoal. No more burned and dried food, this grill grate prevents flare ups, so bring on the sauces and marinades! The hard anodized finish resists foods sticking and the rails brush perfectly clean with a wire brush and a bit of water just like restaurants clean their griddles. If you're cooking with a gas grill the Andonized GrillGrate is a must! The Andonized GrillGrate will boost the flavor in your food and will make your meats juicier than ever. 

This product is 13 3/4" long.


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