BPS SS Drum Smoker Kit

Get everything you need to build a competition quality drum smoker with our stainless steel drum smoker kit - including a heavy-duty stainless steel drum! It's easy to use design will have you cooking like a pit master in no time.


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Get all the materials you need to build a fully functional drum smoker delivered to your front door with Big Poppa’s Stainless Steel Drum Smoker Kit.

Building your own drum smoker is a rewarding backyard DIY task that will result in true authentic barbecue fun. Enjoy the delights that come with drum smoking with Big Poppa’s SS Drum smoker kit - host a backyard BBQ cookout, compete at your local BBQ competition, or just enjoy true authentic BBQ! For added fun, customize your SS barrel cooker with a lid hinge for some assistance or add a side table for prepping space, the possibilities are endless when building your own UDS.

Featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel drum, your finished drum smoker is set to last a lifetime - stainless steel is also easy to clean! Start enjoying authentic BBQ with Big Poppa’s SS Drum Smoker Kit. Order today!

More about the Stainless Steel Drum:

This drum smoker kit includes new, stainless steel, a food-grade 55-gal drum, and a matching lid. The SS drum features a hoop design as seen in the picture; the drum will NOT arrive pre-drilled. Assembly instructions included. 

Kindly be advised: Bubba's Barrels, the originating location for drum shipments, will be temporarily closed from 12/18 to 1/1. Anticipate potential delays during this period. 

NEW 55-gal SS Drum

Bottle opener

Top vent

2 bottom slide vents (SS)

Grill Cooking Grate (Nickel Plate)

Lid Hook

Lid Handle with wood grips (SS)

Drum Smoker Handles with wood grips (SS)

Shield assembly

Charcoal Nest Hook

Charcoal Nest Assembly (Plain Steel)

BPS Drum Thermometer

Mounting Hardware for parts

Please note: Upgrades ship separately. You may receive some items sooner than others. 


In order to assemble this DIY drum smoker kit, you will need:

  • 7/8" wrench (or an adjustable wrench)

  • 7/16" wrench (or an adjustable wrench)

  • Tape measure

This drum is shipped straight from the manufacturer, if you feel the need to burn in the drum, we suggest burning AFTER you drill the holes, but BEFORE you add all of the hardware.

Drum Construction: 16g Stainless Steel

Nest Construction: Steel

Nest Dimensions:  13-3/8" D x 7-1/2"H with support legs reaching out to the sides of the drum smoker.

Nest Capacity: 10-15lbs of charcoal

Fuel: Big Poppa’s Drum Smoker Kit has been designed to be used with lump charcoal or briquettes. For extra smoke flavor, you can add wood chips or chunks.

Thermometer Construction: Rates up to 550F degrees and is made of stainless steel

Grill Grate Construction: Steel

Grill Grate Dimensions: 21.5" diameter

Please note: Upgrades ship separately. You may receive some items sooner than others. 

Standard Delivery: FREE

This item currently has 2-3 week lead time, and is custom built when you order. This ensures you are receiving the newest model fresh off the factory floor.

Standard Delivery: You are responsible for removing your smoker from the freight truck. This is ideal for commercial deliveries that have a forklift or a freight loading dock. If you choose to remove your smoker from the truck, Big Poppa Smokers will not be held liable for any damages that may occur. 

Please note: Upgrades ship seperately. You may receieve some items sooner than others. 

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