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Grills & Smokers

Grills & Smokers

Big Poppa Smokers offers the best online selection of USA made BBQ grills & smokers, shipped factory-direct to you. From DIY Drum Smoker Kits like our BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit and the Ole Hickory Ace BP Charcoal Smoker, to the top selling MAK 2 Star Pellet Grill, we have a BBQ for every type of backyard BBQ cook. Shop our curated selection of high quality, versatile grills & smokers today!

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  • B2 Charcoal Grill & Wood Smoker
    B2 Charcoal Grill & Wood Smoker

    The ultimate charcoal grill is here and it’s dropping jaws. The B2 from the MGrills line will give you a heavy duty charcoal grill built to last and possibly the best charcoal grill out in the market. The B2 isn’t just a expert griller, it’s also a steakhouse quality searing machine. You’ll get competition quality food in your backyard with the B2, and the stylish modern design will complete your backyard’s look. 

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  • Backwoods Smoker Chubby
    Backwoods Smoker Chubby

    Portability, durability, versatility and all in one small chubby smoker. The Backwoods Chubby BBQ smoker is a fan favorite because despite it's height, the Chubby brings blue ribbon results to the table. If you're looking to get some serious smoking done, this is the championship BBQ smoker for you.

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  • Backwoods Smoker Competitor
    Backwoods Smoker Competitor

    If you're a BBQ competitor the Backwoods Competitor smoker is a must have. It's in no doubt the ultimate BBQ smoker for competitions. It's even in the name. This BBQ smoker was built to compete. It's reliable, durable, portable, and will bring you blue ribbon results. It's fully equipped to help you take the stage.

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  • Backwoods Smoker Fatboy
    Backwoods Smoker Fatboy

    People asked and Backwood Smokers listened. The Fatboy Smoker was designed for heavy-duty competition use for you serious BBQ cooks, but can be used for some serious backyard BBQ. This heavy-duty smoker has a large capacity for meat, and has 2'' thick insulation for perfectly smoked meat every time, making it a great competition BBQ smoker. Find out what other great features this Fatboy has.

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  • Backwoods Smoker G2 Chubby
    Backwoods Smoker G2 Chubby

    The Chubby G2 has the same smoking abilities as the original Chubby but the Chubby G2 has had some work done.. - Fully built for competition smoking the Chubby G2 is 6 inches deeper than the original Chubby, is power coated for resistance against heat and so much more! Check out the Chubby G2 for more upgraded features.

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  • Backwoods Smoker G2 Competitor
    Backwoods Smoker G2 Competitor

    The G2 Competitor is fully loaded to handle any competition. This backwoods smoker is the second generation of the Competitor and comes with even MORE SMOKING SPACE. This is the BBQ smoker you need if you're cooking for many judges, catering, or just hosting big BBQ events. - Invest in a lifetime BBQ companion, the G2 Competitor Smoker.

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  • Backwoods Smoker G2 Fatboy
    Backwoods Smoker G2 Fatboy

    This Fatboy has been expanded and can now handle full-sized meat for some serious smoking. The G2 Fatboy is the second generation of Fatboy Backwoods Smokers and is a bigger and better option for serious BBQ competitors. As always, this Fatboy is made with Heavy-duty Backwoods construction, and made in the USA!

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  • Backwoods Smoker G2 Party
    Backwoods Smoker G2 Party

    The second generation of the party is here, The G2 Party. Using this BBQ smoker during competition will bring a party to your judge's mouth when they taste your deliciously smoked meat. With the G2 party you'll have even more meat to party with because of the extra cooking space. - A perfect smoker if you're looking to expand your cook space.

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