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Smokin' Guns BBQ Hot Rub - 7oz

Smokin' Guns BBQ Hot Rub - 7oz

Smokin’ Guns BBQ Hot rub is an award-winning BBQ rub that will wow any BBQ fanatic. This dry rub has been perfected over the years of competition making this BBQ rub an award winner. It has been used in competition to bring in award-winning results and it will deliver championship BBQ results in your backyard as well.

Smokin’ Guns BBQ Hot rub offers spicy flavors that give a nice kick of heat that pairs well with all meats - pork, beef, and chicken. This dry rub is great on all meats but it’s most famous for being one of the most popular BBQ rubs on the circuit for BBQ brisket. Get a taste of award-winning flavor with Smokin’ Guns BBQ Hot Rub.

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best i ever had


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  1. Boss

    best i ever had (Posted on 1/6/2016)