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Chop's Power Injector, 1/2 Gal System

Chop's Power Injector, 1/2 Gal System

If you are thinking "How can I make my food better?" OR "How can I make my food prep faster?" Chop's Power Injection System has the answer for you! Many are saying this is the ultimate meat injector, others claim that you will never go back to injecting your meat with a single syringe injector again. The Chop's Power meat injector will free up your prep time to do more important things, like review your recipe, organize your rubs, or drink more beer. 

The Chop's Power meat injector tank holds up to 1/2 Gallon of your favorite injection fluid. It has four large bore needles spaced out at the perfect distance for effifient injecting. You can inject Chicken, Pork, beef - just about any meat! 

People are raving about how they will never go back to their single injections again. This is a must have. As a bonus Big Poppa Smokers offers free shipping on this injector, so get yours today!


Fill your Chop's power injector at least a 1/4 full with your favorite injection, pump up, and pull the trigger! You will notice whatever you are injecting will quickly start to expand.

Once you open the Chop's Power Injector's 1/2 gallon box, you will find the injector fully assembled! All you have to do is clean it with hot soapy water and a diluted bleach solution. After cleaning the Chop's Power Injector, you then flush it with clean hot water until all the soap and bleach is gone! (Make sure you do this before and after each use).

Upgrade Option (Shown in the picture): 

2.25”11 Gauge Closed Tip Needles 4 Pack (not sold individually) 

If you're looking for a great beef or brisket injection to go along with your new Chop's Power Injector, we suggest you try Big Poppa's Cattleprod Beef Injection - it's really good stuff. 






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Chop's Power Injector System

Traditional meat injectors can be messy and time consuming; Chop's Power Injector System allows you to inject your favorite meats effectively and faster! Enjoy a hassle-free prepping experience with Chop's Power Injector System.

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