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Gateway Drum Smoker - BPS Edition

Gateway Drum Smoker - BPS Edition

The Gateway Drum Smoker BPS Edition is fully assembled and manufactured in the USA.

Please note: Gateway Drum Smokers are so popular, they currently take 2-3 weeks to ship. Get your order in as soon as possible to start smokin' sooner.  

The Gateway Drum Smoker – BPS Edition is designed to maximize the flavor, moisture, and tenderness of your barbecue. Cooking at temperatures between 250 - 325 degrees. By cooking directly over the coals, it allows for vapors to create moisture and flavor the meat every time the meat drips. This creates that sought after backyard grill flavor that is not present in other cookers. The vapors, combined with smoke, produce an intense tenderizing effect. The innovative design allows extreme versatility ranging from Gateway Drum Smoker’s claim to fame “HOT & FAST” approach, but also allows for smoking using the traditional low and slow method. Gateway Drum Smokers are proven winners on the KCBS BBQ circuit and best of all, they are affordable and easy to transport. Gateway Drum Smokers are perfect for tailgating and make a great gift!

 Delivery: DO NOT sign for your grill/smoker until you have unpacked it and confirmed there is no damage. If your grill/smoker or the outside packaging is damaged, do not sign for it. Notate the damage on the paperwork, take photos of the damage, and refuse delivery. If you sign for your smoker and accept delivery with damage (aka signing "clean"), Big Poppa Smokers cannot file a damage claim and will take no responsibility for damage repairs and replacements. To read more about our damage claims policy, please visit this page:

 Gateway Drum Smoker BPS Edition includes: 


  • 55 Gallon Smooth Drum Barrel, NEW
  • Exclusive BPS Silver Pewter Paint Color, BPS Custom Decals
  • 2 Intakes, 1 Exhaust
  • 1 Fire Box Liner, 1 Fire Basket
  • 3" Thermometer
  • 1 Cooking Grate
  • Detachable Wheel Kit (4)
  • Intake Tubes are about 2 inches wide

Shipping Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 48 (standard pallet)

Shipped Weight: 150 lbs.


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