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Big Poppa's Enhanced Drum Smoker Kit

Big Poppa's Enhanced Drum Smoker Kit

Big Poppa's Ehanced Drum Smoker Kit is here! Take advantage of this excellent upgrade option to our basic Drum Smoker Kit! Featuring our brand new Ash Catcher Assembly, and an included Brushtec Grill Brush, keeping your Drum Smoker clean and looking brand new has never been easier! Start smokin' today!

The BPS Enhanced Drum Smoker Kit does NOT come installed, or with a drum.

The BPS Enhanced Drum Smoker Kit comes with:

  • 1 Ash Catcher Assembly 
  • 1 Brushtec Grill Brush
  • 1 Bottle opener
  • 1 Top vent
  • 2 bottom slide vents
  • Grill Cooking Grate
  • Lid Hook
  • Lid Handle with wood grips
  • Drum Handle with wood grips
  • Shield assembly
  • Nest Hook
  • Nest Assembly
  • Thermometer
  • Mounting Hardware for all parts Full assembly instructions.

For further information on our Drum Smoker Kit or where to find a drum: 

  • Please keep in mind: you will most likely need to burn out your drum at home. Please make sure the initial burn out is done before any components are installed on your drum. 
  • We suggest burning out your drum AFTER you drill the holes, but BEFORE you add all of the hardware.

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