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Big Poppa's Brisket Bundle

Big Poppa's Brisket Bundle

Big Poppa's Brisket Bundle is perfect for those who want to improve their beef or brisket recipes - it features our top-selling Cash Cow Beef & Brisket Rub and Cattleprod, our newest beef & brisket injection. 

This powerful BBQ duo has proven to be unstoppable on the competition BBQ circuit - winning 3 perfect 180 scores at the 2015 American Royal Open (a pretty big deal), and multiple perfect brisket scores all around the country.

From backyard BBQ addicts to seasoned professionals, these two rubs have built up serious hype for good reason: they have been proven to intensify the flavor of brisket, or any beef recipe you add them to. If you're a backyard BBQ addict who is looking to improve your brisket recipe - this package is the perfect secret ingredient. After you hear the rave reviews from your friends and family, you won't want to tell them what your secret ingredient is. 

Cash Cow 13oz: There is a reason this BBQ beef & brisket rub is called "Brisket Crack." We have sold over 1300 bottles of Cash Cow in the last 3 months! Featuring big beefy flavor, onion, garlic, and sea salt - this brisket rub blend cannot be beaten. It contains soy and wheat. 

Cattleprod 16oz: This brisket & beef injection features no chemical taste and minimal staining. While many injections feature solely phosphates and salt - Cattleprod is brisket & beef injection different. Featuring real beef flavor, Cattleprod brisket injection is what you need to improve the flavor of your beef or brisket recipe without overloading it with salt. It contains soy and wheat.


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