The All New Original PK300AF - Teal

All New OriginalPK Grill & Smoker (also known as PK300AF) brings you the simplicity of the classic PK grill with a new retro look.


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All New OriginalPK Grill & Smoker (also known as PK300AF) - Special Edition PK+Franklin Grill brings you the simplicity of the classic PK grill with a new look.

Why is it called the “New Original?” At the heart of its upgraded retro architecture, the PK300AF grill embodies the spirit and pure cooking simplicity of the very first cast aluminum PK Grill to come out of its mold in 1952. Still built to cook. Still built to last. As always, 100% Original.

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What’s new?

Radial top vents and bottom vents with easy access control levers

Improved Dura-hinge™ for more precise open and close

Improved cast aluminum capsule with precise lid seal

Interior ash control system contains ash and pre-heats air entering the capsule for a more efficient burn

Large, ergonomic Durabilium™ lid handle

Custom cast-aluminum wheels with rubber tires

More shelf space. You get two big, roomy cast aluminum shelves for all your meat, prep, mise en place or or just a place to set your cocktail. The best part, they lock the capsule in place when deployed and then fold down when not in use*

Side shelf has built-in tow handle

Belly bar to hang towels and tools*

Speed rack to keep sheet pans and ingredients handy*

Unique retro color


Amazing Cooking Abilities

PK Grills/smokers allow you to grill and smoke at professional levels with no hassle. With the PK grill by your side you’ll be able to cook low and slow with indirect heat or hot and fast with direct heat, the PK Grill and smoker will deliver exceptional BBQ results with any cooking method you choose because this BBQ grill delivers unbeatable temperature and air control, resulting in smooth heat distribution and even cooking without needing to constantly turn your food. With a PK grill and smoker, you don’t have to worry about heat escaping through the cracks because this BBQ grill was designed with heavy top and bottom castings and built by hand to ensure an airtight seal against heat or smoke. The PK grill performs as much as an oven as an outdoor grill. With this airtight seal, you'll be able to smoke food until the meat slides off the bone with no hassle. The PK charcoal grill and smoker makes cooking easier than ever.

Built to last 

The PK BBQ grill and smoker is made of rust-proof aluminum ¼ inch thick casting for the best heat retention. Aluminum holds heat better and ensures an airtight seal for amazing smoky BBQ results and even cooking with every cook. For easy temperature control, the PK grill features a 4-way venting system which allows for accurate and easy air control with every single cook without the flare-ups from fat drippings. Apart from the PK grill and smokers' amazing cooking abilities, this BBQ grill is built to last. Being made of aluminum cast and made by hand, the PK grill is inherently rustproof and indestructible. This may be the last grill you ever buy with its unbelievable durability. It even comes standard with a 20 years limited manufacturer warranty, but we know you won't need it. The PK grill is a smart choice for lake houses, beach houses, wet climate, and camping because this heavy-duty grill can handle any weather. PK grills from the 1950’s era are still turning out great BBQ results till’ this day. That’s how durable and indestructible the PK BBQ grills are. You can even take your PK grill and smoker anywhere with its amazing portability. The oven detaches from the carriage without tools for easy portability and easy cleaning. This is a BBQ grill that’s been built for adventures, it’s perfect for camping and tailgating, you’ll have BBQ on the go anytime and anywhere.


New PK300AF Built to Last Features: rustproof aluminum capsule , lugged cart construction, diranilium lid handle, cast-in durahinge won’t rust or break and real rubber wheel with aluminum rim

PK+Franklin Story

This special edition grill comes from a collaboration between Franklin BBQ and PK Grills. Aaron and Stacy Franklin opened up a small BBQ trailer in Austin, Texas in 2009 with out knowing it would grow into a successful and legendary, bucket lists status restaurant. Aaron discovered the Original PK grill way back in the day, and fell in love with its design and performance. Over the years, Aaron’s constant engagement with Original PK led to a friendship with the folks behind the brand. Thus, a hot-rodded PK was born, resulting in this Special Edition PK+Franklin Grill. Let the magic begin.

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