Offset Smokers

Here at Big Poppa Smokers, we offer the very best BBQ grills and smokers that are made in the USA. From pellet grills and drum smokers, to vertical smokers and offset smokers for low n slow cooking - we have a barbecue model for every type of BBQ cook. 

Do you like to take a seat while you barbecue? Then an offset smoker might be for you! Most of the models offered here feature reverse-flow engineering, such as the Meadow Creek Smokers, which helps maintain even temperatures while smoking by using slow burning wood and charcoal, meaning that these heavy-duty offset smokers are made for true low & slow BBQ smoking. So, sit down and relax while your offset cooker smokes your meats to delicious perfection. 

One of our best selling offset smokers is from Meadow Creek and is made in the USA: The SQ 36 Offset BBQ Smoker. This offset smoker provides the perfect amount of smoking capacity for backyard barbecues and small gatherings. You can even cook up to a 40lb whole pig on it! We highly suggest opting in for the 2nd tier upgrade, which allows you to increase your cook space and cook up to 10 pork butts for pulled pork. The SQ36 smoker comes with an offset firebox on the right side, which allows you to manage the temperatures in the smoker, a flat box top that gets hot enough to warm sauces or side dishes, a left side chimney located at the base of the cooker, and a smart duct system that helps evenly distribute smoke to the smoking chamber so your meat gets all that delicious smoke flavor. 

Once you have decided on which offset or reverse flow smoker is right for you, we suggest shopping our selection of the very best barbecue sauces and marinades. From traditional Kansas City style BBQ sauce, to unique sauce flavors such as rasperry chipotle, Yakiniku, Gochujang Korean hot sauce - Big Poppa Smokers has a sauce or marinade for every type of grilling recipe. We highly suggest picking up a bottle of something new and adding it to a sauce that you already love to create a new custom BBQ sauce recipe that is unique to you. If you are looking for the best sauce for pulled pork, grilled chicken, BBQ ribs, or brisket, Big Poppa's Outdoor BBQ supply has got you covered. With all sauces, glazes, brines, and marinades tested and approved by the Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Team, you know you're getting the very best sauces for cooking in both the backyard and in the kitchen. 

Once you're ready to start grilling in the backyard, be sure to check out Big Poppa's Must Have BBQ Tools section. You'll find everything from knit cotton gloves to help you handle hot food while grilling or smoking, to our best selling knife sharpener from Friedrich Dick. These tools also include meat sprayers that help keep meat moist during a long cook, and heavy duty meat injecters designed to make injecting your meat with marinade or brine easier.