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Grate Tongs

Grate Tongs

The people at GrillGrate are always coming up with great inventions to make grilling much easier, and always consistent.  If those are results you want to see when cooking, these new GrillGrate Grate Tongs will be sure to impress! Ever have trouble dropping food when transferring it to a dish, or can't seem to get a good grip on something that needs to be flipped? Then Grate Tongs are the answer!

Built with high quality Stainless Steel, the Grate Tongs are an improvement over the original GrillGrate Spatula Tool design, and an improvement over most other tongs! Using the inspired method of lifting your food from underneat, rather than scraping your grates to get underneath your food. And with a positive grip, you can avoid anything slipping or dropping out of the grasp of the Grate Tongs!


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