Big Poppa offers a large selection of high quality grills and smokers. From electric pellet smokers and Santa Maria style grills, to charcoal catering cookers, Big Poppa has tried, tested, and approved every model in our online BBQ store. Since 2012, our best selling smoker option has been the DIY Drum Smoker kits. Perfect for backyard BBQ cooks on a budget, or those who want to fully customize their barrel cooker to meet all of their grilling needs, our DIY Drum Smoker kits offer an all-in-one solution for DIY barbecue fanatics. With multiple custom parts and upgrades to choose from, you can even custom build your smoker with our a la carte parts from the ground up. Shop our entire selection of pre-packaged DIY Drum Smoker kits and parts, and start building the barrel cooker of your dreams. 

Ugly Drum Smokers or UDS are one of the oldest, and most traditional ways to grill and smoke. Barrel smokers have been around forever, with many being custom DIY projects. Big Poppa understood that not everybody has access to tools or metal shops, or even welding abilities, so he set out to engineer an all in one DIY drum smoker kit so anybody with a drill could have a competition quality smoker in their backyard. With thousands of barrel cooker kits sold with glowing reviews, Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit is one of the best ways to build your own custom BBQ smoker on a budget. Once you have dialed in your drum smoker setup, we highly recommend checking out all of the stainless steel drum smoker parts and upgrades in our store. 

The BBQ Vortex is one of our best selling drum smoker accessories. Even though there are three sizes to choose from, we suggest the medium sized option to supplement your 55 gallon drum smoker. The BBQ Vortex allows you to take control of your fire and reduce charcoal waste by redirecting the heat flow in your barrel cooker, giving you more precise control over your fire. Use the BBQ Vortex to grill or smoke with indirect, direct, indirect-direct, or radient heat. Made with stainless steel, the BBQ Vortex is made to last, and is the perfect grilling accessory to complement Big Poppa's stainless steel drum smoker parts and upgrades. 

Our selection of stainless steel UDS parts and upgrades might be small, but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quantity. The Beefy Stainless Steel grate is the perfect upgrade to your 55 gallon barrel cooker grate, and if you have a Weber grill at home, it also fits on most Webers! Our Beefy charcoal nest is a heavy duty stainless basket that will hold up against the longer and more frequent cooks - it's a must have accessory for any serious barbecue cook. Of course, if you want to go all-in with your backyard grill setup, we highly suggest taking a look at the partially assembled Stainless Steel Drum Smoker - it includes an all stainless drum, standard BPS DIY Drum Kit, partially assembled with free shipping!