Since 2012, Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit has transformed many 55 gallon barrels into high quality grills & smokers. More widely known as a UDS, or ugly drum smoker, the BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit has proven that a DIY cooker can still look just as good (if not better) than a mass-produced grill from a store. With the ability to lower and raise the charcoal nest, the DIY drum smoker kit is an all in one barbecue, you can grill, smoke, bake, and even hang meats with our rib hanging rack kit. With multiple options, individual smoker parts, and grilling upgrades to choose from, you can fully customize your barrel cooker kit to fit your grilling or backyard barbecue needs.

Once you have fully built your own drum smoker, you will definitely need to make sure you have all of the best grilling and smoking tools available. From high quality cooking knives that are made in the USA, to the BBQ Vortex charcoal cooking upgrade - Big Poppa's outdoor cooking store has just about everything need to become the BBQ hero of your backyard. Even the most basic cooking tools like nitrile gloves, insulated hot gloves, and knit cotton gloves for handling hot tools or food can be found in our large selection of grilling accessories. If you are looking to make steakhouse quality food, we also offer the GrillGrate searing kit specifically designed for the barrel cooker. Want some extra smoke flavor added to your meat? Add the A-maze-N pellet tube smoker to your cooks. It's easy to use: just fill with food grade wood pellets and light on one end, and then you'll get extra smoke flavor while grilling or smoking. 

Our best selling accessories for the BPS DIY Drum Smoker are the Stainless Steel upgrades. Big Poppa designed these 304 stainless steel drum upgrades with serious BBQ cooks in mind. If you plan on using your barrel cooker almost every day to BBQ in your backyard - you need these smoker upgrades. The beefy stainless steel grate features heavy duty bars, handles, and support bars. With a 21.5" diameter, the stainless steel grill grate was made for 55 gallon drum cookers, but also fits in Weber smokers as an upgrade to the existing grates! Again, if you plan on grilling outside almost every day, we highly suggest upgrading your charcoal basket to our beefy stainless steel charcoal nest. This heavy duty charcoal nest is one of the most heavy duty charcoal baskets on the market. And don't forget one of the best selling upgrades we offer: the Stainless Steel Rib and Meat Hanging Kit. This kit doesn't require any extra holes in your drum smoker, it works perfectly with the existing u-bolts that are already installed. No more drilling, ugly holes, or rebar needed - this stainless steel kit comes with 8 short hooks and 4 long hooks that are perfect for hanging ribs, chickens, or even brisket. 

 If DIY isn't your thing, or if you're short on time, we have many barrel cooker options that fit just about any budget. Not sure where to find a safe food grade drum? We also sell Big Poppa's DY Drum Smoker kit with the drum included with free shipping in the contiguous united states. If you are looking for a high quality smoker for under $500, we highly recommend the Pre-drilled Carbon Drum Smoker Kit with the drum included