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Big Poppa Smokers' DIY Drum Smoker Kit and parts are also offered and individual parts so you can use them to build your own barrel cooker. These individual drum smoker parts are perfect for customers who do not have welding skills, tons of tools, or access to a metal shop, but don't need the entire DIY Drum Smoker kit to finish building their custom grill. If you already have a 55 gallon barrel cooker, you can also use the Big Poppa Smokers a la carte drum parts to upgrade your existing grill. We have lid hinges, bottle openers, wood handles, and BBQ guru adapters to tailor your UDS to your cooking needs. 

If you're not the DIY type, but still want a high quality smoker, we suggest checking out our complete lineup of grills and smokers. We also offer our DIY Drum Kits with the barrels incuded, Gateway drum smokers, MAK pellet grills, Ole Hickory Pits, and many other "made in the USA" charcoal grill models. If you are looking for a well made grill or smoker meant to last you more than a few years, our selection has been tried, tested, and approved by Big Poppa himself. With over 30 years of cooking experience, Big Poppa knows a high quality grill when he sees one. The grill and smoker brands we carry are made in America, from small family owned businesses. Big Poppa Smokers is also a small, USA-based business - if you're looking to buy American and support small businesses, we're here to help you find the grill of your dreams. 

Some of our individual UDS parts are also high quality 304 stainless steel parts. Our best selling stainless steel part is the "Beefy" Stainless Steel cooking grate. With extra thick grate bars, handles, and support bars, this grate fits perfectly on any 55 gallon barrel or even on most Weber cookers as a cooking grate upgrade. If you are serious about outdoor cooking, this grate is a must-have accessory. Another best seller is our "Beefy" Stainless Steel charcoal nest. This extra thick charcoal basket is a great upgrade for anyone who cooks on a 55 gallon barrel cooker multiple times a week and is meant to be an upgrade to the nest included in our DIY Drum Smoker Kit. 

If you need parts and a 55 gallon drum, we highly suggest checking out the DIY Smoker Kit w/Carbon Drum included. For as low as $350 and free shipping, you can have your very own, high quality barrel cooker. All you need is a little elbow grease, DIY spirit, and some high heat paint and you'll have a custom smoker unique to your backyard.