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Spicing up Texas since 1969, William's Food products are known for their "Rib Tickler" BBQ rub, a sweet and spicy BBQ rub that is recommended for use on BBQ pulled pork or chicken. This BBQ rub is finely ground and can also make a nice finishing dust for a little sweet with a kick of heat! The Williams's Rib Tickler BBQ Rub tickler will be your next favorite rib rub.

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  • Williams Rib Tickler BBQ Rub - 12oz

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    Williams Rib Tickler BBQ Rub - 12oz

    Rib Tickler is a finely grounded BBQ rub that works perfect as a finishing dust for that extra kick of flavor in your BBQ. The sweetness and spice of this BBQ rub boost the flavor of your ribs, brisket, chicken while still adding awesome color!

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