Swamp Boys Bootleg Red Vinegar Sauce - 7oz

A new form of BBQ sauce is here! Try an alternative to the classic thick BBQ sauce and get on the lighter side with this low calorie Red vinegar Sauce from Swamp Boys! This BBQ sauce is great with barbecued pork and beef and is even great with side dishes!
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Big Poppa Smokers is proud to carry the NEW sauce line from Florida competition team Swamp Boys BBQ!

Swamp Boys Bootleg Red Vinegar sauce is a unique sauce that strays away from classic thick BBQ sauces and instead replaces the thickness with low calories and a vinegar base. Bootleg has taken simple vinegar to the next level and has made it even better. If you like a plain vinegar taste you'll love this red sauce!

Swamp Boys Red Vinegar Sauce works best on barbecued pork, beef, and is great for many sides such as cabbage and spinich. Use Swamp Boys Red Sauce to marinate, as a dressing or as a dip, anyway you use this vinegary goodness, you're sure to love it. This red vinegar sauce is a must to have on your table top, instantly add flavor to your foods. 

Bring out the flavors in your food and all while still keeping your calories low.

More Information
Brand Swamp Boys
Model 142SWB
Size 7 oz
Type Use on Pork, Use on Beef, Use on Chicken
Use On BBQ pork, Beef, Fried chicken, Pulled pork, Side dishes, Cabbage, Spinach
MSG Free No
Gluten Free No

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