M36 Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill & Smoker

The mother of all grills just got better. M Grills M36 is now available in ALL Stainless Steel.
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The mother of all grills just got better. M Grills M36 is now available in ALL Stainless Steel. 

Consider the M36-S the mother of all grills with its 10g 304 stainless steel construction, multifunctions, serious cooking space and more. It’s 100% hand-crafted and made in the USA. 

Being a multi-functional grill and smoker; the M36 can expertly grill, sear, and smoke! Expertly grill and sear with the M36-S’s fully adjustable charcoal grate and searing box or smoke like the pro’s with the featured firebox basket on this true stick burner - Whether you’re cooking hot & fast or low & slow, you’ll achieve consistent results every time with the precision-crafted M36-S Grill & Smoker by your side.

Learn more about the power of the M36-S Charcoal Grill & Wood Smoker:

Built like a Tank

The versatile M36-S isn’t like any ordinary grill you’d buy at a big box retail store; The M36 is precision-crafted piece by piece in Texas, USA from tough 10 gauge stainless steel - you won’t need to replace this heavy-duty grill in your lifetime, or your grandkids lifetime. This is what we call built to last. Just in case, the M36-S has a limited lifetime warranty (though, you probably won’t need it.) Every piece on the M36 is fully welded and handcrafted into a tight fit to ensure consistent temperatures with every cook and years of quality outdoor cooking. When we say built like a tank, we mean it.

All of the accessories, bolts, and screws on the M36-S Grill and Smoker are stainless steel. Nobody has time to deal with chipping and rusting; consider the M36-S Grill virtually weatherproof.

Adjustable Grate for Grilling & Searing

The M36-S is an unstoppable grilling & searing machine. Easily adjust the position of your fire with the M36-S’s adjustable grate lever for the ultimate searing or charcoal grilling experience. Raise the fire grate for a steakhouse quality sear or lower the grate for cooking chicken, ham, bread, etc. With this handy feature, you have full control of your fire at all times. The M36-S truly is bigger and better - the M36-S is fully loaded with a standard solid stainless steel searing box and a charcoal grate for a more defined area for extremely hot charcoal searing!

A True Wood Smoker

Not only is the M36-S the ultimate grilling and searing machine; This all-in-one grill is also a true wood smoker! The M36-S features a heavy-duty wood firebox for true low-and-slow barbecue creations. The M36-S Charcoal Grill and Wood Smoker is fully loaded with everything you need to perfect low & slow BBQ - a dedicated ¼’’ thick firebox door, slide-out charcoal/wood basket, stainless steel double wall insulated firebox compartment, and a fully welded steel baffled (heat deflector) to direct heat in a reverse airflow configuration. Unlike offset smokers, the M36-S doesn’t require much time or fuel to get to perfect smoking temperatures; the M36-S is 95% welded solid with the superb fit - it maintains perfect smoking temperature with no need for extra accessories. Now that’s what we call an all-in-one smoker.

Triple Draft Vents for Temperature Control

The M36-S features a vent on the firebox door for controlling smoking temperatures, a grilling vent (on the opposite side of the grill) for controlled grilling temperatures and an exhaust vent (located on the top the lid.) For smoking, close the grilling vent and adjust the draft vent from the firebox & lid exhaust vent. For grilling, adjust the grilling vent & lid exhaust vent. Want intense grilling heat? Fully open all vents (include firebox door) to maximize air intake. With thick stainless steel, fully welded construction, a tight lid and easy to access draft vents - adjusting the temperature of your grill has never been easier! Shutting down the M36-S is just as easy! Simply shut the lid, close all the vents and the coals will snuff out quickly - leaving you with more fuel to reuse later. Easy to use and fuel-efficient; the M36-S truly is one of the best backyard charcoal grill & wood smokers.

Baking Abilities

Load up the slide-out firebox basket with charcoal and open your lid damper to achieve perfect baking temperatures. Bake pizza, bread, pies - you’ll never want to bake on a conventional oven again!

Thick 10 gauge 304 stainless steel construction

Large Insulated firebox with slide-out charcoal basket

Fully Adjustable Grilling Grate with Side Searing Box

Integrated 12 gauge stainless steel Top Shelf Extension - allowing 3 levels for smoking or 2 levels for direct grilling

Adjustable Grate for Grilling and Searing

Thick Stainless Steel Grates

Gasket Sealed Lid and Stainless Steel Hinges

16 gauge stainless counters with grate tool holder cutout

Stainless steel handles and hardware

Tel-Tru Thermometer - stainless steel and weatherproof

Heavy-duty metal swivel casters 6" with hard rubber wheels 

Set of Grate Tools for easy grate removal

Adjustable external lever

One bottom coal grate (secondary grate)

Three cooking grates

SKU: 1024MGR

Overall Grill Dimensions: 50’’H x 58”W (with counters) x 28”L

Cooking Surface: 37.5" X 19.25"

Grill Width w/o Shelves: 43.5”

Firebox Dimensions:  14" X 17"

Bottom charcoal grate Dimensions:  23.25" X 14.125"

Searing Box Dimensions: 12"W x 9.25"L x 2.5”H

Top Grate Dimensions: (2) 13"Wx18.5"L and (1)  11.125W" X 18.875"L

Top Shelf Extension Dimensions: 31.25" x 12.25"

Weight: 500 lbs

Shipping Weight: 550 lbs

Grill Construction: Fully welded, 10 gauge 304 stainless steel

Grate Construction: 1/4" thick, solid 304 stainless steel

Counter Construction: 16 gauge stainless steel with grate tool holder cutout

Tel-Tru Thermometer Construction: Stainless steel and weatherproof

Cooking Space: 721 sq.in top grilling surface. Included M36-S Top Shelf Extension can be used for an additional 400 sq inches of additional grilling space. That's a total of 1,122 sq.in. of grilling space! The bottom grate measures 23.25" X 14.125" with a separate stainless steel Searing Box that measures 12" x 9.25". You can utilize this additional area for more smoking real estate.

Lift Gate Delivery (recommended): $315.00

This item currently has 3-4 weeks lead time, and is custom built when you order. This ensures you are receiving the newest model fresh off the factory floor.

Lift Gate Delivery: Your smoker will be delivered and removed from the truck using a lift gate. This is a requirement for residential delivery or deliveries that do not have a forklift or freight loading dock. Once your smoker is removed from the truck, it is your responsibility to move it to your desired location. 

Delivery & Damages: DO NOT sign for your grill/smoker until you have inspected the packaging and/or unpacked it and confirmed there is no damage. If your grill/smoker or the outside packaging is damaged, do not sign for it. Notate the damage on the paperwork, take lots of photos of the damage, and refuse delivery. If you sign for your smoker and accept delivery with damage (aka signing "clean"), Big Poppa Smokers cannot file a damage claim and will take no responsibility for damage repairs and replacements. To read more about our damage claims policy, please visit this page: https://www.bigpoppasmokers.com/shipping-policy

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