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Looking for a great deal on some BBQ gear for yourself, a friend, or a loved one? Big Poppa Smokers has great specials available on grills to sauces. These BBQ deals won't last forever so make sure to get them while they're hot...or better yet, get them while they're smoking!

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  • Big Poppa's Brisket Bundle


    Special Price $23.99

    Big Poppa's Brisket Bundle

    The Ultimate Brisket & Beef BBQ Rub & Injection pack - Big Poppa's Brisket Bundle. These two products have been hyped up for good reason: they are effective when it comes to improving the flavors of your brisket or beef recipes. If you're looking for bragging rights on the BBQ competition trail or in the backyard - Cattleprod Beef & Brisket Injection and Cash Cow Brisket & Beef BBQ Rub is where it's at! 

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  • Cattleprod Beef & Brisket Injection - 16oz

    Cattleprod Beef & Brisket Injection - 16oz

    The secret ingredient to the perfect BBQ brisket is here. Multiple competing BBQ teams report to get perfect scores when using this BBQ brisket injection. Get championship brisket in your backyard with this beef & brisket injection. Allergen Info: contains wheat & soy.

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  • Cash Cow Beef Rub - 13oz

    Cash Cow Beef Rub - 13oz

    Looking to improve the flavor of your BBQ brisket? Cash Cow Beef Rub can help. Proven to win perfect brisket scores in competition, this rub is great on any beef dish. Try it today and see why it's called "Brisket Crack."

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  • BJ's T-Shirt


    Special Price $8.99

    BJ's T-Shirt

    BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse + Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Rubs = a match made in heaven. BJ's Restaurants now uses 5 of Big Poppa's rubs & seasonings in all of their restaurants nationwide! This t-shirt is a limited edition print to commemorate the partnership between two great brands who are passionate about creating good food at reasonable prices.

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  • Big Poppa Smokers Fisherman's Pack Special


    Special Price $24.99

    Big Poppa Smokers Fisherman's Pack Special

    Do you like to eat fish? Then this special offer is for you. The Big Poppa Smokers Fisherman's pack features our Desert Gold Seasoning (perfect for fish), our Jallelujah Jalapeno Seasoning Salt (perfect for ceviche, etc), and one of our non stick Big Poppa Cooking mats - perfect for handling delicate fish on the grill.

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  • BPS Exclusive Pack


    Special Price $62.99

    BPS Exclusive Pack

    Your bundle of joy is here. Three of the best brand names known in the BBQ competition circuit  are now all in one mind-blowing pack. Simply Marvelous, Swamp Boys and Big Poppa Smokers have teamed up to form the ultimate BBQ bundle, this is an exclusive offer made to satisfy your BBQ needs and you can only find this insane offer here at BPS. Get your bundle before they run out!

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  • Big Poppa's BJ's Bundle


    Special Price $45.99

    Big Poppa's BJ's Bundle

    BJ's Brewhouse and Big Poppa Smoker's have joined forces. Now show your love for both of us with the Big Poppa Smoker's + BJ's Bundle!

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  • Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Rub Pack Special


    Special Price $89.99

    Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Rub Pack Special

    Save over $30 when you buy all 10 of Big Poppa's championship BBQ rubs & seasonings at once. Now featuring our Cash Cow beef rub!

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8 Item(s)