SnS Grills Slow 'N Sear XL

Making backyard barbecue easier & BIGGER with an easy to use charcoal grill too.
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Everything you love about the original Slow ‘N Sear accessory in an “XL” size to retrofit to 26″ kettles.

Why this tool is loved by kettle users everywhere:

  • Holds more fuel for longer walk-away capacity (compared to original Slow ‘N Sear® in a larger kettle)
  • Can handle larger quantities of meat  – great to use when cooking for large families or entertaining!
  • Includes a ventilated, welded stainless steel bottom plate to facilitate use of lump charcoal
  • 5+ hours of steam generated from the integrated water reservoir during low 'n slow cooks to enhance meat with clean, smoky flavor (reservoir is non-removable)
  • It’s BIG and heavy-duty! Each Slow ‘N Sear® XL is made of 8+ lbs of 430 stainless steel

How to use: 

1. Light the coals with a charcoal starter cube. Light a starter cube (or similar fire starter) near one corner of the Slow ‘N Sear. Add a dozen briquettes or lump charcoal on top of the starter cube with the charcoal tucked tightly into the corner of the Slow ‘N Sear.

2. Wait for the smoke to clear. Wait until the smoke dies down and the coals are well lit (about 15 minutes).

3. Add charcoal chimney. Add a full chimney of unlit briquettes to fill the remainder of the charcoal basket. Note: this SnS XL will require approximately 20% more charcoal.

4. Add wood chunks for smoking. If desired, add a few chunks of smoking wood spread out over the top of the charcoal. Place one chunk on the lit coals to start generating smoke early in the cook.

5. Add boiling water to reservoir. Add one quart of boiling water to the reservoir. Fill opposite from the burning coals. Do not overfill! Leave ½” or more space at the top.

Tip: Adding hot water to the reservoir decreases unnecessary stress that can occur when metal is exposed to rapid temperature extremes. Long-term, repeated stress will lead to metal fatigue and unrecoverable product damage. This includes product deformation and cracks. Water also readily absorbs heat. The hot water allows the heat from the coals to warm the grill, rather than warm up the water. This reduces the time needed to get the grill up to a stable cooking temperature and extends the cooking time.

Grill vent position - if the top vent of your charcoal grill is not centered, place the lid on the grill securely with the vent positioned opposite the Slow ‘N Sear. This will help draw hot air/smoke over the food on the indirect side.

6. Open the vent until temperature reaches 150° F to 175° F. Open the top vent fully and the bottom vent about halfway. The temperature will slowly rise as the grill and the water in the reservoir begin to heat up. When the temp at grate level reaches 150° F to 175° F, close the top vent to about ½ open, and the bottom vent to a crack (¼” wide). Continue to monitor and adjust vents as pit temp settles in between 225° and 250° F. Adjust vent settings as necessary based on weather/altitude.>

Tip: If the target temperature is significantly over (by 50+ degrees) before the vents are closed, use a spray bottle filled with water to quickly extinguish some of the coals

7. Add your protein at 225° - 250°F. When the pit temperature is around 225° - 250° add in a protein. For best results, use a dual probe, leave-in thermometer - one for the meat, and one to monitor grill temps. Make sure the pit probe is at least 2 inches away from the meat. If it’s too close, pit temp readings early in the cook will be affected by the cold meat.

Tip: The Slow ‘N Sear is so efficient at burning fuel that any unintentional air leaks (e.g. an improperly sealed lid) can prevent the kettle’s indirect zone from getting below 250° F. An easy solution: use 2” binder clips to seal the lid. Space three clips around the kettle lid for an improved seal.

Use two together in the Weber Ranch Kettle (as pictured with wings). The Slow ‘N Sear XL fits 26” or larger kettle grills. 

More Information
Brand SNS Grills
Base dimensions 23¾" L x 9½" D x 4¾" H
Model 207SNS

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