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The Most Versatile Kamado Grill on the Market.
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The Slow 'N Sear® Kamado gives you true two zone cooking or traditional one zone cooking - the choice is up to you.

What is a Kamado Grill?

Today’s kamado-style grills, based on a centuries-old design, are well known for their thick, insulated walls and excellent heat retention. Typically, coals are placed in the lower portion of the cooker and food is placed on an upper cooking grate creating a one-zone cooking environment. Temperature is uniform throughout the grill’s cooking surface whether cooking low ‘n slow or at temperatures 700°+ F for searing.

The Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado Grill has all of the sought-after characteristics of a high quality kamado cooker and then delivers MORE. When utilizing the patented Slow ‘N Sear® inside the cooking chamber, this kamado enables a true two-zone cooking environment that provides smoking and searing zones better than any other kamado on the market, yet retains all of the baking/roasting versatility you've come to expect from a kamado style cooker. 

Traditional kamados are so good at being efficient at low smoking temperatures that the coals are barely lit, resulting in limited smoke generation and acrid taste from smoldering coals. Two-zone low ‘n slow cooking in the Slow ‘N Sear Kamado, however, encourages more airflow, a more robust fire, and greater smoke generation.

  1. The directed flow of heat generated from the Slow ‘N Sear permits some of the heat to escape through the top vent before reaching the food on the indirect side, thus requiring a more robust fire to maintain temperature.
  2. The V-shaped water reservoir of the Slow ‘N Sear produces consistent steam for hours. Steam production both enhances smoke flavor and requires a hotter fire to maintain temperature.
  3. The double-wall barrier that forms the water reservoir also acts to prevent direct heat from penetrating the indirect zone. More convective heat is needed, requiring a stronger fire.

Benefits of a Kamado Grill

  • Dedicated, simultaneous two-zone cooking with the creation of direct and indirect grilling zones
  • True searing capability with direct heat from burning coals (not heat stored up in a cooking grate)
  • Easy access to coals at cooking grate level when needing to refuel
  • Improved smoke flavor through the generation of more smoke and cleaner smoke using TurboSlow™ technology
  • Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado Grill
  • Slow 'N Sear® Original insert
  • 22” EasySpin™ Grill Grate
  • Premium stainless steel cradle
  • Two (2) premium HDPP (high density polypropylene) side shelves
  • Stainless steel upper charcoal grate
  • Cast iron lower charcoal grate
  • Ash tool

Height:  48 inches

Width (with shelves extended): 55 inches

Depth: 30 inches

Weight: 231 pounds


Note: The Drip ‘N Griddle PanElevated Cooking Grate, and Ceramic Deflector Plate are NOT included in this standard edition kamado

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