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Simply Marvelous BBQ Pecan Rub--5 lb

Simply Marvelous BBQ Pecan Rub--5 lb

The Pecan Rub from Simply Marvelous BBQ is one of the top selling rubs at Big Poppa Smokers. This BBQ rub quickly caught on across the country as one of the main BBQ seasonings to have as a BBQ competitor. Even if you don't plan on joining a BBQ competition anytime soon, you can get the same championship BBQ flavor in your backyard with this dry rub. 

Simply Marvelous Pecan Rub is the perfect blend of sweet, nutty, and savory flavors that will excite your palette. This BBQ rub is excellent on pork, chicken, beef and fish. Watch for this rub on the BBQ circuit!

5 lb bag, perfect for catering, busy competition teams, or large parties. 


Brown sugar, salt, spices, pecan meal, dehydrated garlic, paprika, onion powder, pecans.


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