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Russ & Frank's Mild BBQ Sauce - 18oz

Russ & Frank's Mild BBQ Sauce - 18oz

Be warned this sauce will steal your BBQ loving heart. 

Russ & Frank's hardwork paid off after months in the kitchen to create the perfect BBQ sauce! Their all-natural BBQ sauce is now an award-winning sauce and has taken the heart's of many BBQ lovers. You are now able to try some of this delightful natural tasting, homemade sauce yourself! After one taste, you'll never want to cook without it again!

Russ & Frank's Mild BBQ Sauce is tasty, sweet, and extremely smooth with a hint of garden freshness and roasted onion. Unlike other BBQ sauces that add presevatives to have a smooth texture to barbecue sauce, Russ & Frank's does it all on it's own with natural ingredients. When you open the jar you can you can smell the natural, freshness of tomatos, vinegar, onions, and garlic. 

The sweet, natural flavor of Russ & Frank's sauce has helped win multiple competitions such as the 2008 Great American BBQ Contest in Kansas City. Russ & Frank's Mild BBQ Sauce is perfect for competing and backyard grilling, this mild sauce unlike others, stays consistant with it's taste even after taking some heat from the grill! All the heat does is enhance the natural flavors even more. It's perfect for chicken, fish, beef, ribs, brisket, but don't stop there you can add sweet deliciousness to anything you want.





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Ingredients for Russ & Frank's Mild BBQ Sauce - 18oz

water, tomatoes, sugar, molasses, cider vinegar, tomato sauce (tomato puree[water, tomato paste], water, less than 2% salt, onion puree, natural flavor), onion, vinegar,garlic powder, spices, paprika
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