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Homemade Trail Bologna

Cooking Grill: Bradley 6 Rack Smoker
Pit Temperature:
Desired Internal Temperature: 170*
Cooking Time: 8-12 Hours
Pallets Used: Briquettes
Made up and stuffed 5 pounds of Ring bologna yesterday. I added 2 cups of cubed Monterey Jack cheese to the meat which is 73/27 GB. This type of bologna is also called Trail bologna. Here are some photos of the making. The wood being used is hickory and pecan. Using my PID to ramp temps from 130 thru 170*. This will take anywhere from 8 - 12 hours to complete. I`m using my Bradley because i need to save pellet usage for my wifes company BBQ and a family reunion.

Posted on: 2016-03-12 01:50:27 Forum URL:: NO URL