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MAK Smoked Fresh Ham

Cooking Grill: MAK 2 Star General
Pit Temperature:
Desired Internal Temperature:
Cooking Time:
Pallets Used: Pellets
This past Easter I brined hung and smoked a fresh ham. The ham was in a 7 day brine. After the 7 days i injected the brine close to the shank, wahsed the ham off and hung it in my Bradley @80* for 24 hours. This gave a pellical to the ham and help set the brine. After the hang i put the ham in my MAK @ smoke setting for 6 hours. The pellet boss was then set to 210* until i had an IT of 160* in the butt part of the ham. I used a tin pan of water in my MAK so the ham would stay moist. When i find the photos of the slicing i will post them. I used Hickory pellets.

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