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Hubba Hubba Bubba Burgers

Cooking Grill: Memphis Pro, Grill Grates, pam grilling spray
Pit Temperature: 450-475
Desired Internal Temperature:
Cooking Time: 7-8 minutes
Pallets Used: Briquettes
Preheat! Place frozen Bubba Burger patties on Grill Grates and do not flip until juices flow and fat begins to congeal on top of burger (around 5 minutes at 450-475) After flipping burgers, cook for an additional 2-3 minutes until desired doneness is reached. Add fresh veggies from your garden. Mustard, ketchup, cheese, mayo, etc are optional Place on whole wheat buns, toasted for 45 seconds at 450. TIP: spray grill grates with Pam Grilling Spray for well defined sear marks

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