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Finger Food

Cooking Grill: Drum
Pit Temperature: 250
Desired Internal Temperature:
Cooking Time: about 2 hrs
Pallets Used: Briquettes
I pierced the potatoes, rolled in evoo, seasoned with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Sprinkled the boneless beef ribs with Harley`s dry rub. Smoked both with hickory, removed the potatoes after one hour. (they were still firm). Added shrimp that was marinated in evoo, sherry, garlic and soy...then wrapped in bacon. While the short ribs and shrimp smoked I sliced the smoked potatoes, dusted them with flour, dipped them in beer batter and deep fried until crispy. Seasoned the smied (smoked/fried) potatoes with dry rub while hot. Brushed the beef ribs with Smoked Bacon Chipotle sauce for the last 30 minutes... threw the shrimp onto the grill to crisp the bacon. Then served with cold beer and lots of napkins. :)

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