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Cast Iron Wagyu Brisket

Pit Temperature: 210, 250
Desired Internal Temperature: 190 or until the probe slides in
Cooking Time: 12.5 hours
Pallets Used: Pellets
Pre heat your smoker to 210. Trim the Brisket of excess fat Cover with Plowboys Bovine Bold rub....Spray with pam to glue. Place the brisket in the cast iron roasting pan. it is a very snug fit at first. Smoke for 5 hours at 210, bump to 250. Pour a half a bottle of Big Moe`s BBQ sauce and cover pan with foil. I triple layered the foil to really seal. Its done when the probe slides through the flat like Butter! (usually anywhere between 185 and no more than 205 internal temp) This one was actually done at 190. Rest covered for at least 45 minutes slice and enjoy. I did not pour any pan juice on these pics. This is how it comes out. Tender, moist, and passed the pull test!

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