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Citrus Chipotle Salmon

Cooking Grill: Memphis Advantage Grill
Pit Temperature: 500
Desired Internal Temperature: timed
Cooking Time: 3.5 minutes
Pallets Used: Pellets
In a small saucepan melt a half a cube of butter, the juic o one orange, and two squeezes of hot squeeze and some Hasty Bake Greek Seasoning. Melt and mix well. Dust the salmon with some Hasty Bake Greek Seasoning and coat with Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Brush with Marinade. Cover. Heat grill to 500. Place fish on Grill Grates and cook for two minutes....flip over...baste with citrus sauce...cook for 1.5 minutes or until done. Doesn`t take long depending on thickness of fish...Serve and enjoy

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