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Banger Chicken

Cooking Grill: my old Broilking gas
Pit Temperature:
Desired Internal Temperature: 300 or better
Cooking Time: 2 Hours (depending on chicken size)
Pallets Used: Gas
1 Whole Chicken 12 Good Quality Pork Sausages ( Scottish pork if available) Roast the chicken on the open pit for 1 hour pouring extra virgin olive oil over every 15 minutes to stop dry out add basil and organo (chopped to top your chicken off after the first hour then re-drizzle in olive oil Cook up the sausages until lightly golden - then put in the chicken!- depending on the size of your chicken you`ll get 4 or 5! Let all to cook for up to another hour and then serve (eitther cook up or serve as a chicken with bangers inside - the chicken fat glazes the sausages and the suasages act as a skinned stuffing. Excuse the picture (we were almost finished when i got my camera out!)

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