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Tri Tip Sandwich

Cooking Grill: MAK
Pit Temperature: 225 and High
Desired Internal Temperature: 140
Cooking Time: 1.5 hours
Pallets Used: Pellets
Hit the tri tip with Lemon Pepper,Garlic Salt,Big Bob Gibsons Rub, and Lawry`s Seasoned Salt. Put on MAK at 225 until it hit 120. Placed in Warming drawer until MAK got to 425 and then placed on the Searing Side and put a glaze of Bone Suckin Sauce. Turned the Tip and then glazed the other side. Pulled at 140 and wrapped in Foil for 10 minutes. Sliced and made sandwiches with Panera Sour Dough Rolls. Used Big Bob Gibsons Habanero as a dipping Sauce...........

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