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Wagyu Tip Tip

Cooking Grill: Pellet smoker
Pit Temperature: 250,325,500
Desired Internal Temperature: 145
Cooking Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Pallets Used: Briquettes
Preheated the smoker to 225. Trimmed the Strube Ranch Wagyu Tri Tip. Seasoned with 3 Eyes Rub, Little Louie's Garlic Salt w/ Black Pepper, roasted garlic EVOO. The 3 Eye is killer rub! Smoked at 250 for 20 minutes ....I love that feature where you can get it off the grill for some real great convection. Then raised the temp to 325 until it hit 125. Pulled and rested while I set the smoker to 500 and seared on the grill grates for two minutes and then flipped over and seared for 2 minutes and kept flipping for the 2 minute intervals until the internal temp hit 145. Rested and sliced. This stuff is really good!

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