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Georgia Boys and Girly Sausage

Cooking Grill: Charbroil Gasser with GrillGrates
Pit Temperature: 400F
Desired Internal Temperature: 250F
Cooking Time: 20
Pallets Used: Gas
Step mother and wife got the girly chicken sausage from Costco. I get the GA Boys. Corn on the Cob is an easy side on the GrillGrates. Pre-heat on LOW- MED LOW Grill with GrillGrates. Give corn a 10 minute head start. NO seasoning- just raw shucked corn. Lay vertically with the GrillGrates and rotate 3-4 times during grilling. Put Sausage on opposite side of grill with a bit more heat with gas to medium. Looking for 20 minutes total grill time. Rotate every 5 minutes. Done when sausages have split their cases and sear. Butter and salt corn to taste- enjoy slow roasted corn on the cob and BRATS- a great combination.

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