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Cooking Grill: $40 Home Depot Smoker
Pit Temperature: The guage read Ideal
Desired Internal Temperature: Eyeball it
Cooking Time: About 30 minutes
Pallets Used: Lump
Ripped off the stems from the jalapeños, and then cut them in half. Then put them in the broiler on low (skin side up) for about 6-7 minutes. I wanted to get the skin off of them cause I`m not big on the texture. After they came out the skin was rather easy to remove. Mixed cream cheese and a little bit of diced onion and garlic and some pepper. Added the cheese mix to the peppers and wrapped em in bacon and sprinkled some applewood rub on em (Good idea on that BP). got the Smoker hot and put them on for 30 minutes. They came out damn good. I could feel heart skip a beat after every bite, it was so worth it.

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