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Stuffed Fattie

Cooking Grill: Memphis Select
Pit Temperature: 290
Desired Internal Temperature: 160
Cooking Time: 1.5 hrs
Pallets Used: Briquettes
First Fattie! Started with Bacon Lattice Used 50/50 mix of fresh grind hot and mild italian sausage from local deli Sautéed red bell pepper and yellow onion in pan, inserted in center of sausage, added some salami, and shredded mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese. Rolled fattie up with a FrogMat and Stuck it on the grill. Kicked grill up to 350 after it reached 160 internal to crisp up the bacon a little bit. Tasted Fantastic!! PS: Watch Your Grill, Lots of Grease, Started a Fire a little bit on my pit. Got the Fattie off with Little Damage!

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