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Kobe-Wagyu Prime Rib

Cooking Grill: German Grill / Traeger
Pit Temperature: 275
Desired Internal Temperature: 132-134
Cooking Time: 3+ Hours
Pallets Used: Pellets
Got lucky enough to get a 15 lb. Kobe style Wagyu beef prime rib roast. Cut some rib eye steaks & about a 6 lb. roast. Rubbed the roast with some olive oil & crushed garlic. Then coated with Mrs. Dash, garlic pepper, & seasoning salt. Wrapped in plastic & stored in fridge for 24 hours. Pulled out of fridge & let rest till it got to room temp. Next seared all 4 sides on the German Grill for about a minute per side. Put on the Traeger at 275 degrees till it was 134 degrees internal. Rested it for a short bit (couldn`t wait any longer), sliced & served with garlic mashed potatoes & grilled artichokes. Internal temp before slicing rose to 144 degrees. This piece of beef was outstanding. So tender & flavorful. Well worth the extra $$ it cost.

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