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Neal`s Pizza Pie

Cooking Grill: Mak Grill
Pit Temperature: 450
Desired Internal Temperature:
Cooking Time: 16 min
Pallets Used: Pellets
Pizza is one of my alltime favorite foods, and it was a blast cooking these on the Mak. I bought all ingredients from Trader Joe`s, including their dough - which I think is fantastic. I wanted to experiment a variety of combinations. We made a Cheese to start out, a BBQ Chicken, A Pesto Pie, and A Thai Chicken Pizza. We got the Mak up to around 450 and cooked the first one for around 13 minutes. It was like the first pancake out of the batch, good but not quite as crispy on the bottom as you like. The BBQ chicken was the favorite. We used Pepper Plant as the base, a three cheese combination, and some chicken. The Pesto one was perfectly crispy on the bottom, but none of us loved the Pesto that I bought. I`ve heard the Kirkland Pesto at Costco is spectacular. 16 minutes on the Mak at 450 gives a really good thin crispy crust, which we found was the perfect time. Pretty fun, and everyone left stuffed! Awesome to show how versatile the Mak is! Thanks for the stone pops!

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