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Smoked Meat Loaf

Cooking Grill: BPS Drum or Other Smoker
Pit Temperature: 300
Desired Internal Temperature: 165
Cooking Time: not sure yet
Pallets Used: Pellets
I haven`t actually tried this cause I am still waiting on my big poppa drum. If you do try it let me know what you think. I`m oven bound for now. I can only imagine that this makes Big Poppa sad. What your gonna need. Loaf: 1 lb of ground beef 1 lb of sausage 1 egg fresh garlic to taste ¼ cup ketchup salt and pepper to taste ½ sleeve of ritz crackers (crushed) ½ ? 1 Tablespoon Tabasco couple splashes of Worcestershire Sauce half of an onion finely chopped half bell pepper finally chopped Sauce: ½ cup ketchup 1/8 cup honey ¼ onion processed (food chopper almost to a paste) ½ bell pepper processed (food chopper almost to a paste) 1 teaspoon garlic salt splash of Tabasco ^ this sauce is damn tasty by itself Your gonna have to get all caveman style here and use your hands. Just don`t be to caveman about it and not wash them before and after. Latex gloves work wonders for this. In a big bowl mix all the loaf ingredients together with your hands (best tool I have found for the job). Until it`s all nice and mixed. Get out your cake pan and put your mix into it. We`re not going to be cooking it in this just molding it. Turn the pan over onto a frog mat preferably and wrap it up. Now put this bad boy onto the smoker with your pellets of choice. Let cook till it reaches an internal temperature of 160* at that point your gonna wanna remove the frog mat and cover it with the sauce. Lower the temperature until internal temperature is about 165* and the sauce is starting to caramelize. Remove from heat and don`t poke or mess with it for at least 10 minutes. You want the juices to solidify so they don`t all come pouring out. Slice and Serve.

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