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Cooking Grill:
Pit Temperature: 180,225,250
Desired Internal Temperature: till its butter 204 today
Cooking Time: 10 hours
Pallets Used: Briquettes
Pre heat to Memphis to 180...Trim some fat off the brisket.Slather with Wee Willies White Sauce as a glue and then hit it with Wee Willy`s number one, then a light dusting with rub number 2...sounds like bad names....I put number 1 on my brisket and then I put some number two on it....That is the rub names. I didnt inject as I wanted to see how this did with out phosphates and MSG... Put brisket fat side down and cook for 5 hours at 180...increase temp to 225 until it gets to 175-180....then mix a combo of Stubbs beef marinade with some beef stock and but brisket in foil boat and pan..pour the broth marinade mixture over it and seal. Return to Memphis Grill and increase temp to 250 and pull when probe slides through without more than 205 Put in cooler surrounded buy towels and let rest.....OK we didn`t we couldn`t wait..we ate it all at the SMoker and passed on Easter Dinner! I was going to make burnt ends and we ate the cap point too!

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