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Swordfish ala wee willy

Cooking Grill: TEC G Sport FR
Pit Temperature: 600/300
Desired Internal Temperature: till done
Cooking Time: 18 minutes
Pallets Used: Gas
OK I got Wee Willy`s White Sauce and His Steak seasoning that has garlic pepper orange and lemon...sounded good for swordfish Added his herbed seasoned sea salt...grilled and it was perfect... Coat the swordfish with the white sauce like you would mustard as glue for ribs...liberally coat with seasoning mixture. Grill for two minutes hood down turn 90 degrees for two minutes and flip over and repeat. Reduce temp by have and let ramp down to about 300 and let fish finish for 10 minutes. Serve and get ready for great swordfish!

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