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Country Style Ribs

Cooking Grill: Charbroil Gasser with GrillGrates
Pit Temperature: 350F
Desired Internal Temperature: 140
Cooking Time: 1.5 - 2.0 Hours
Pallets Used: Gas
Mama brought home these fat Country Style Ribs. With only my Charbroil in operation I removed one of the flame shields and put in a smoker box with a cupful of BBQR`s Delights Smoking Pellets. Lit the two outside burners and kept the middle two off. The Smoker Box was smoking in 5 minutes- it might have caught fire once or twice too. Set the two burners as low as they would go. Hood temperature showed 250 and I was over 300F at the GrillGrate I seasoned the Ribs with Denny Mike`s Sublime Swine and let them sit for almost an hour. The eight beefy ribs fit perfectly in the center of my grill but I did have to rotate them a bit after noticing a little burn on one side. Total Grill Time 1 hour 45 Minutes. Mopped with Sticky Lips Carolina Mustard Sauce for final 15 minutes. Picture shows half way mopped. The mother-in-law gave it a sticky thumbs up!

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