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Allen Brothers Prime New Yorks

Cooking Grill: TEC G Sport FR
Pit Temperature: 800 then 300
Desired Internal Temperature: 135
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Pallets Used: Gas
OK Once again never say never....since I discovered pellet grills and rediscovered Charcoal I havent lit my Viking. I was done with gas. Done. Then I stumbled into TEC at the BBQ show in Orlando. WOWOWOW...THese guys have the perfect gas grill....More on that in the store...But I finally found a use for my Viking! It serves as a stand for the far superior TEC. I heated this to 800 and seared the living daylights out of Allen Brothers prime new Yorks. THey were seasoned with my standard Lemon Pepper Garlic Pepper and lawrys seasoning salt. I gave them jockey marks and then removed from flame and rested for ten minutes while the TEC reduced heat...(quite quickly I might add) Pulled at 135....rested for ten minutes and then really had a nice meal.

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