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Uraguay Prime Wagyu Grass Fed Tri Tip Memphis Gril

Cooking Grill: Memphis Pro Grill
Pit Temperature: 600/375
Desired Internal Temperature: 140
Cooking Time: 1.5
Pallets Used: Pellets
A great friend who also happens to be a world class chef, Jimmy Schmitt called me tonight and said "I have a little gift for you" I drove over and he handed me a cryovac of a Prime wagyu grass fed tri tip from a specialty farm in Uraguay..... SO I used my usual Garlic Pepper Lemon Pepper and seasoning salt and little Garlic EVOO from my misto...Preheated the Memphis to 550 and seared the tri tip and then removed and dropped the temp to 375 iuntil it hit 140 internal. I wrapped it foil and brought it to his kitchen...This is as tender as any filet I have ever had...I want more!

Posted on: 2016-03-11 22:50:10 Forum URL:: NO URL