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Fat Cap Tri Tip

Cooking Grill: Big Poppa UDS
Pit Temperature: 275
Desired Internal Temperature: 110, rest, sear to 138
Cooking Time: 2hours
Pallets Used: Briquettes
-Trim bottom and sides of tri-tip -Butterfly fat cap only -Dry rub all of the meat, especially under fat cap. I like to do it all the night before if possible. -Bring meat to room temp, start smoking! -Pull at 110, cut off fat cap and let rest while pit gets to temp -Sear both sides evenly and pull at 138 -Let rest for 10-15 minutes -Thinly slice and load on a french roll with your favorite sauce This time around: Dry Rub: Magic Dust Added Fuel: Cabernet Sauvignon Vine trunk (2 fist size clumps) BBQ Sauce: Home made tomato based Habenero BBQ sauce

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