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Ribs for Mama, Burger for Poppa

Cooking Grill: Charbroil Gasser with GrillGrates
Pit Temperature: 400
Desired Internal Temperature: Timed cook- going for red burger
Cooking Time: 60 minutes
Pallets Used: Gas
Momma want WINGS and I wanted a Burger we split the vegetables- grilled zuchinni, red peppers, and asparagus. Dry the Wings- The wife loves TONY`s spicy. Liberally coat the wings. Cut zuchinni length wise and quarter red peppers. Coat vegetables lightly in Olive Oil. Placing veggies in a baggie works and then olive oil. This grilling is a sequence of additions which nicely elongates cocktail hour- perfect for our first day light savings grilling. Warm up the old Charbroil. It holds temperature very nicely especially with GrillGrates. Set heat to just under medium- so the wings will crisp up but it takes time. The wings get at least a 20 minute head start- turning once. I decided to give the wings 10 more minutes before bringing on the veggies and my burger. At 30 minutes in the red peppers go on, 5 Minutes later the zuchinni goes on the GrillGrates. I tend and turn the vegetables every 5 minutes. Finally my burger is slated for the last 15 minutes of the grilling. I turn up that side of the Charbroil to almost high to give the burger a bit more heat. Lift and Twist the Burger at 5 minutes and turned it after 10 minutes. Prefect sear and marks. My burger was rather large so it needed almost 10 minutes before I took it off. Being careful not to over cook it. It was nice and red in the center and cooked. Momma loved the wings. They were crispy and juicy. The asparagus hit the grill as I was wrapping up the burger. I even had time to toast the bun. The burger looked massive sticking out on all sides of the bun. I ate it and all my vegetables.

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