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Smoked Ham

Cooking Grill: BPS Smoker
Pit Temperature: 150 to 200
Desired Internal Temperature: 150
Cooking Time: 4 hours
Pallets Used: Lump
So I started with a uncooked ham. I lathered in honey . Then seasoned with brown sugar,paprika,pepper and garlic . I let rest in a pan of pineapple juice till the next day. My pit temp should have been 125 but I had a hard time keeping it that low. Still cooked a little fast but it was still tender and juicy. While it cooked I had a pan that was a mix of teriyaki, pineapple and beer to help keep moist. Once I pulled it, I let sit for a few hours and lathered with a honey BBQ Sauce. WIth the left overs made a Potato and ham soup.

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