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Rack of Lamb in a Tabasco Garlic Marinade

Cooking Grill: german Grill
Pit Temperature: varies
Desired Internal Temperature: 137
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Pallets Used: Lump
take the Rack of Lamb and trim off the excess fat. If you dont have a vacuum tumbler...(I know where you can get one!) THen do this the morning of the planned cook and take the trimmed racks and put them ina gallon baggie and put one half bottle of your favorite marinade...I used Tabasco`s Garlic Marinade...Nice and tangy and rich with garlic flavor. Season with garlic pepper and seasoning salt and 1/8 cup of garlic olive oil (If you dont have it use regular and crush some garlic and put it in the baggie. Heat the coals and put the lamb to sear on the direct side. When browned nicely place on the indirect side and cook until an internal temp of 137 and let rest for 20 minutes under foil and slice ans serve. THis dinner had Smoked king crab legs with a asian sweet hot sauce with butter...(more butter than sauce) Mak smoked Baked potato, Roasted garlic bread, Organic Caeser and meadow creek boneless chix

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