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Grilled Shrimp in Mustard Miso

Cooking Grill: German Grill
Pit Temperature: sear then 400 indirect
Desired Internal Temperature: till done
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Pallets Used: Briquettes
OK I found some big Shrimp. THey look huge uncooked. Remove the shell and de vein. String up using Fire WIres...the best accessory for the money in the entire smokin world! Put the shrimp in a gallon baggie...its so great how they fit there...try that with bamboo skewers! In a bowl mix Galeos Miso Mustard salad dressing (you can use anything that you like the flavor of.....) Dijon mustard, splash of champagne citrus vinegar EVOO, dash of Rice wine vinegar and couple teaspoons of Soy sauce. Sat and pepper Mix well and put in baggie with shrimp and refrigerate. Preheat German Grill and put shrimp on the grill with the fire as close to the food as posssible on the direct side....when nice and seared flip over and when that side is done move to the indirect side and baste with roasted garlic butter and cover for 5 minutes and serve. Special thanks to Colin Kirby on this one!

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